About Eastern Car Service

Eastern Car Service was established in 1988 in Park Slope, Brooklyn with only 10 cars. Since that time Eastern fleet has increased to over 200 cars and is one of the largest Brooklyn Car Services.  Eastern Car Service provides several services to the residents of Park Slope, Williamsburg, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Heights and the rest of Brooklyn and New York City.

Based in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Eastern has established good reputation within Brooklyn with its residents.  They service the whole NYC area including the local Airports like JFK, LaGuardia and Newark.  Eastern will also accept advanced reservations and have a car at your doorstep within minutes. They are a great option to get you to any local venues or events like Madison Square Garden, Yankee & Shea Stadium, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and more.

Eastern Car  Service knows how important the safety of your child is, after all we are parents ourselves.  Eastern provides child seats for your infant or toddler.  This extra service will allow you to be at ease and be less worried about your travel.

If you need to travel with your pet, Eastern Car Service will assist you with that.  Most of Eastern drivers will allow you to take your pet with you with or without a carrier.  Dogs, cats, birds or any other pet, Eastern is a pet friendly car service.

All these services plus the ability to get your car online without the need of a phone call, makes Eastern Car Service one of the best Brooklyn Car Service. Try them yourself next time you are in need of a taxi or cab.  Call Eastern at their toll free number 866-499-7177 or request your car online by going to www.easterncarservice.com.

Eastern Car Service offers great services at an affordable price. Please visit www.easterncarservice.com for more information or to use their Real Time Online Reservation tool!


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