Need to Take Your Pet to the Vet?, Try Eastern Car Service

Owning a pet in the city can become a big headache at times.  Pets can get quite expensive with the cost of food, visits to the vets and grooming.  However, one of the biggest problems can be transportation for you and your beloved pet.

With many car services around in Brooklyn and the rest of New York City, it is surprisingly common for many car services to reject customers who have pets with them.  It is hard to blame the car owners, after all cleaning up after an unexpected accident by a dog, cat or any other pet can become an expensive headache for the driver.  Animal hair can also become a tricky task to clean up, especially if the pet is shedding.

Despite these problems, Eastern Car Service located in Park Slope Brooklyn, has continued to provide such service to pet owners.  They have been able to soothe the headache many pet owners may have by allowing pets in their vehicles. Dogs, cats, birds, fish or any other animal will be allowed by Eastern Car Service.

Eastern Car Service has provided such services and more to their customers in Park Slope Brooklyn for 20 years.  They also service Brooklyn Heights, Bay Ridge, Carrol Gardens, Cobble Hill, Sunset Park and the rest of the New York City area.  Eastern Car Service is a true Pet Friendly car service.


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