Save Time and Money, Request Your Car Online Now

March 24, 2008

Eastern Car Service has serviced its customers for 20 years now, fulfilling them in just about anything. With the official launch of Eastern Car Service’s official website, they continue the tradition of fulfilling the customer’s needs by providing them with an alternative way of getting their car.

Customers can now go to and request their car on line or make an advanced reservation. Now their is no need to wait on the phone for an operator to answer, no busy signals, no voice message system. As soon as you submit your request, the dispatcher will receive it and send you your car within seconds! This is real time online reservation!

Save money by creating an account online at and earn travel points for each ride you take with Eastern Car Service. Similar to the points offered by airline companies, Eastern will reward you for every dollar spent on your fare. These points can later be redeemed for coupons by using the innovative “Eastern Coupon Generator”. This allows the customer to generate just about any coupon of any value. The coupons can be applied to save you on your next ride with Eastern.

Try it for yourself! Visit and start saving and enjoy the new online experience with Eastern Car Service.


Santa Visits Eastern Car Service

March 24, 2008

Ho Ho Ho!Despite his very busy work schedule, Santa Claus made a pit stop at Eastern Car Service in Park Slope, Brooklyn. He gave out candy and toys to any child in the area raising everyone’s spirit.

After sitting taking pictures and giving out gifts to the kids, Santa along with an assistant provided by Eastern Car Service, took to the streets and distributed candy to pedestrians alongside 5th avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Everyone was happy to see Santa walk around with his huge red bag and waving his bells.